img_20160829_172510I am so excited to share that I have completed the goal of hiking all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot mountains! It has taken me a little under four years to complete the list and I am feeling so happy to have finished. Steve and I had planned to hike North and South Twin on Saturday, August 27th which would be #46 and #47 and then we had plans to attend a party Saturday night. A few days before the hike, we found out the party was cancelled which opened up a new possibility: we could finish the 4,000-Footers on Sunday! And we did! We completed the 48 on Mt. Carrigain, a medium-difficulty hike with beautiful views and a fire tower at the summit. At the top, we ran into a family who was celebrating the father’s completion of the 48 as well! We swapped stories and shared champagne. It was a really magical and special moment.

Part of me is feeling a little sad about being done with the list, because it has been such a driving force in how I chose to spend my weekends and free time these past four years. Driving up to New Hampshire became a regular part of my life. However, I am excited to start thinking about other hiking goals and travel ambitions. Steve and I are also slowly working toward hiking to the high point of all 50 states, so it may be time to turn our attention toward that list for a while. Have you ever done any hiking lists or set hiking goals for yourself? If so, I’d love to hear about them!


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